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State-of-the art inkjet technology makes enhanced high quality/ high speed performance a reality.

With it's compact design and affordable price, JV33 series is an attractive option for any shop.

For continuous printing, JV33 utilizes two cartridges per color in 4-color mode. When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge begins supplying ink and helps prevent running out of ink.

A variety of inks, including ES3 white and silver, enables you to create wider gamut area.


Cut quickly after printing using fast-dry ink. Able to cut & print continuously without attendance. A large increase in productivity.



Have you ever declined valued orders that need immediate delivery? To capture as much business as possible you often need to comply with a customers' request for instant delivery.

It is an amazing solvent inkjet printer offering not only unsurpassed production capacity, unattended operation efficiency but also beautiful high quality images.



  • Great value at an affordable price, satisfying most professional users.
  • High Quality & Multifunction Cutting Plotter to meet various cutting needs.
  • High speed contiuous crop marks detection.
  • FineCut plugin software for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator is included.

Fine Cut 8.6

  • Design and creating cutting data can be done on CorelDraw or Illustrator.
  • Designation of outputting order by color or by layer.
  • Extracting outline of image data.